7 Most Important Tips For Single Dad

Being a single dad is a hell lot of stress, joy and excitement. Taking care of your child while hustlin’ to live is a big challenge. You’ve got to be a two-in-one man, a father and at the same time as a mother.

As a single dad, I learned so much for doing all these things like handling stress, fighting depression, overworking and of course, lack of sleep. The last one was what I hate the most.

Another thing to handle is the divorce. That literally cuts off your pocket open! That 15k-20k fee is a huge brake to our progress, deciding to sell your house and find an another place to live and start over again.

Ofcourse you can’t escape mental, emotional and financial struggles. But I know you do your best to overcome these problems. Sure that was hard, and all of that comes with preparing your son for Manhood.

While a lot of us facing the situation, some single dads out there needs tips and advice. So consider this a friendly tip in raising your son as a single father –

Single Dad Tip #1 – Be A Role Model

Your son will always act like you do. Becoming a role model is the best way to discipline your son. Treating others with respect, helping people in need, making decisions wisely and being responsible – Traits you want your son to inherit from you for him to grow like a fine alpha male.

Cause, what’s the root will be the fruit. You are his first teacher, his mentor and his guardian. You want him to learn how to manage the process in life. There will be times you’ll be tempted to break your own discipline, but he will see how you react on it. For in his eyes, everything you do is correct, so do the right thing.

Single Dad Tip #2 – Build Another Stream of Income

Every moment, your needs and your son are going to increase. Little by little you won’t see that coming. You need to build your savings because no one will help you two except yourself. Be ready for emergencies, sudden job loss, calamities, etc. Prepare for loss, plan ahead of what’s unexpected.

They say single parents are short on two things, time and money. The advantage for us is, you have the motivation. You have an inspiration to build up your funds and eventually your time to your son. Time is money, therefore having more money means having more time.

Single Dad Tip #3 – Do Not Be Perfect

It’s good to let your son see that you’re not perfect. This way you can teach him how to be man enough to accept mistakes. Failure is not an option, but I think failure is also a stepping stone to success.

Everyone makes mistakes from time to time. A real man isn’t afraid to have one, it’s a mental challenge for us on how to react, learn the lesson and make things right the next time.

Single Dad Tip #4 – Be A Good Listener

Listening to your son’s thoughts, opinions and feelings without judgement makes him comfortable to talk with you. You need to build trust, avoid asking dead-end questions. A yes or no answer isn’t a healthy conversation in building a strong relationship with your son.

My mother once told me “Talk once , listen twice. That’s why God gave you two ears and only one mouth”. You will want to know more about your son’s day, what’s happening new to him and how well people treat him. You need to be the first person your son wants to talk to if he is happy or sad.

Extend your communication by using his own words. By that, he will feel more casual and tend to spill out his thoughts.

Single Dad Tip #5 – Be Patient

We all know that being a parent will test your patience and it doubles up for a single dad like you. After working at your office, you wash dishes, clothes, cleaning up your child and your  your house. I know it’s really exhausting for us males, but we can do anything that a mother can do (maybe you try breastfeeding? Kidding!).

Kids are suuuper energetic! And sometimes they can be naughty. No way to change that, you just gotta find solutions to deal with it the fun way.

Single Dad Tip #6 – Have A Support Team

It is possible to raise your son on your own but it can be much more convenient if you have a support team. Your parents, siblings or aunts will be happy having your son in their house while you’re at work.

Your son playing with your relatives also creates bonding moments. We all know playing with cousins are fun plus they are instant friends you have!

While he enjoys himself with your loved ones, you can also focus on important things to do. A support team helps a lot, so consider this as a bonus for you.

Single Dad Tip #7 – Enjoy!

One important thing is having fun with your kid! Develop your bond with him regularly. Take him to parks, playgrounds or social places. A simple grocery shopping is an educational and fun thing! Make him ride the cart. Stroll over grocery and tell him what some things are used for.

You can also teach him sports that you both like. Be active and recreational with your son. Do not be too busy to forget bonding moments with him. Bonding is important as he can learn new things about the real world.

Being a single dad means a lot of hard work and exhausting days. However, the rewards are fruitful if you become a good one.

Divorce is a hard thing to recover from but you will go nowhere but rise up when you’re at a rock bottom situation.

Nurture your son to become prepared to face the real world. Simultaneously, don’t forget that your situation doesn’t change your plan for the future.

I’ll try to post more blogs for single parents weekly!

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