How I Respond to Friends vs Women I Date | FAQ to a Single Dad

I encounter a lot of questions these days since I became a full-time single dad. These Q&A portions I engage with are so similar and repetitive.

You want to know what FAQs I encounter every single day? I wrote a list of the questions and how I respond to them in this blog. If you’re a single dad/parent maybe you’ll relate to this blog. For those new single parents out there, this may give you a good hint.

It sometimes gets irritating to hear these question over and over again. One way I do to deal with these is to be a bit metaphorical or just give them honest answers just to make it fun.

I also included frequently asked questions from women I date. This is also a good way to say what she will expect from me as a partner in the future.

Just remember that you don’t need to please every people who ask questions and you are to respond how you would like to them.

How I answer FAQ as a single dad from friends vs women I date

Where is the mother?

  • When friends asks – Her mother is already in good hands. I’m not interested to know where she is now or where she lives. If you would like to know, I can ask her address for you. Just kidding!
  • When women I date asks – Her mother is somewhere out there enjoying her life. I’m also enjoying my time with my son and you ofcourse. How about you? Do you enjoy your time with me?

How do you plan to take care of your son?

  • When friends asks – Feed him, give him shelter, change his clothes, provide his needs, take him to my mom before I go to work, fetch him after work, bathe him, feed him, make him sleep tight and comfortable. In short, I’ll give him all necessities I can.
  • When women I date asks – I already got a plan for that. Give him all the love and care I can to fulfill the mother’s absence. And I got a lot more of that love and care to give you, will you accept it?

Do you share custody with the mother?

  • When friends asks – I want to, but his mother can’t be contacted. I see her on facebook posting regularly but won’t talk to me. That’s why I said she’s in good hands.
  • When women I date asks – I got full custody and she haven’t seen the child since then. It’s not that I’m hiding my son, I’m mature enough to think that she needs to see her mother whether we’re good or not. So, when the time comes and she’s able to visit our son, she’s welcome.

Does the mother support your son?

  • When friends asks – She doesn’t support him, neither moral nor financial. I don’t refuse help from her, she just don’t give any. Maybe she’s still affected from our separation so she don’t like to talk?
  • When women I date asks – She doesn’t, but I won’t refuse to accept support. I’ll give her the chance whenever she wants to build her relationship with her son. If she helped me support our son, maybe I can save more. And by that, we can go out on a date more right?

Do you plan to have another child?

  • When friends asks –  Definitely yes. I want to have children with the right person in the future. Also, I don’t want my son to grow up as an only child. There’s no problem in being an only child but I just don’t want to have only one kid to raise.
  • When women I date asks – If it’s with you, why not? We should start getting to know each other better. Do you plan to have a child? (If childless) / another child? (If also a single mom)

Would you prefer dating a single mom or a childless woman?

  • When friends asks –  I doesn’t really matter, as long as we get comfortable with each other and she accepts my son she’s good.
  • When women I date asks – I don’t mind dating a single mom or a childless woman. I’ll date women who can love me despite of the situation and can give me a fair judgement. I think you can do that, so I prefer dating you.

Is there a chance to fix your relationship with your ex?

  • When friends asks – That doesn’t cross my mind. If there’s a chance, I wouldn’t want to. I think we’re like-minded in this thing.
  • When women I date asks – Yes, there is a chance to fix our relationship, but as friends. After all what happened, our son still deserve both parent’s love.


These questions are based on how I answer questions from friends and women I date. You can answer questions with different approaches.

I prefer answering this way to have different approaches to people around me.

I do answer my friends straightforward while I answer those women I date to sometimes become cheesy and give her a hint on what’s happening next or how would I deal with my son’s mother in the future.

In the early days of dating a woman, she may ask questions about these things and that’s the perfect way to feed her expectations early on.

Those were just examples of how I answer FAQ from friends and women I date.

If you find anything wrong or have suggestions please leave a comment below.

Now my question to you: If you would encounter these questions as a single parent, how would you respond to them?


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