What’s Best For Single Dads? Work at Home vs. Office

The clash of your thoughts has begun. You need to decide if you want to continue your day job or start working at home. You struggle everyday juggling parental responsibilities and your job.

Then the question pops up in your head. Should I work at the office or should I work at home? The answer will probably be working at home. If you have the skill to start earning money at home, why not?

You may think working at your office gives you job security, that’s bullshit! Your company may be bankrupt anytime, you can be fired anytime.

Try to look at the advantages of the other side of earning money. Weigh them and see what can offer you more potential.

The most important thing here is, you’re a single dad. You have kids at home and you want to spend more time with them!

Do you really want your children to spend most of the day with another person and not you? I can’t imagine it for me.

Well for some, they may think they don’t have the choice but they do. They can freely decide on where and how to work.

Or are you scared to just switch your income stream so fast? Start transitioning slowly and you will get there in no time.

Now we’re gonna dissect their advantages and disadvantages and see for yourself which works better for you.

Single Dad Working at Home

Single Dad Working at Home


Time. You will have more time spent on your children and not with other people. Do you ever feel sometimes your kid grew three inches taller and it’s like you’re watching the news last week? Even her babysitter isn’t surprised. You should witness every milestone of your child!

Income potential. Making money at home doesn’t limit your income. The more workload you do, the more money comes in rolling. It won’t dictate how much salary you’ll be getting from the work you do. You just need a little bit of motivation because working from home isn’t fun in the start.

Hasslefree. You don’t need to commute or drive to your workspace. No one will really care if you haven’t take a bath yet. Work while you lay your back on a soft sofa, while your feet up on the table or while eating. It doesn’t really matter. Do what you want and get comfortable.

You are the boss. Work when you want, how you want, where you want. No more telling on what you’re supposed to do. You run your own business and grow with it. You will work for yourself and make a fortune for yourself, not for your boss.


Preparation. If you don’t have much savings, you need to prepare first. You still have bills to pay and mouths to feed. Before earning an income, you should plant the seed first.

Insurance. You lose your health insurance or life insurance and other benefits that companies are offering. If a sudden illness comes to your family, you’ll be in trouble if you don’t have a nice pool of cash reserve. This is vital not just for you but also your kids.

Budget. Budgeting is hard for work at home parents because you don’t have a fixed income. You will need to be frugal for the first few months of your journey to potentially earn decent income stream. If you work freelance, you should seek for a regular client.

Distractions. Not every home is ideal to work in. There are too many distractions inside your house, and because of this you can’t focus unless you have a private workspace where no one would interrupt you while you are working.

Single Dad Working At Office

Single Dad Working at Office


Insurance. Like I said earlier, this is a big loss if you decide to leave your job. This covers a lot of health related financial problems. You also have the privilege of free dental services, check ups etc. No worries if a sudden illness come. Emergency funds would be barely touched because of insurance.

Budget. You already have expectations on how much you will get monthly. No problem on how to budget your spendings. You’ll get to know where to cut off spending, planning your meals and setting aside for savings.

Workspace. You can focus on working without distractions like TVs, playing kids and unnecessary noises. You have a team to help you out on a project. Everyday you get personal interactions with people like co-workers and clients.

Incentives. Unlike working at home, you know how much you will get if you reach a target sales or quota. Motivation isn’t a problem in doing a good job because at the end of the month, you will always get what you worked hard for the whole month.


Stress. Pressure with the workloads you get is some of the company workers encounter. Deadlines  can be a bit frustrating especially if your credibility is at stake. Not only credibility, don’t forget the incentives!

Time Management. Waking up early to prepare kids for school or dropping them in daycare, picking them up after work, cooking food, cleaning up dishes, clothes and your house. You hardly have any time for a hobby or bonding moments with your kids. Simply freedom is not yours.

You have a boss. I’ve worked for several companies and I hate the fact that you are working hard for someone else to make him rich. Plus it isn’t freedom where somebody tells you what you should do. Eyes are everywhere so you should be careful on moves you do because if you did something wrong, be ready to explain.

Job Security. I already told you. No one knows on until when would a company last, economy is going down. So if your company shuts down, so as your job. What if your boss fired you without any notice? Find another job? Blah.


The decision of working at home or working at an office is for you to think of. This is just purely an opinion from what I’ve seen through many years of working from companies and working at the comfort of my home.

Both of these sides have advantages and disadvantages. I have listed some of those for you to review and see whether disadvantages of where you want to work is something you can handle easily.

Also if you are to choose from where to work, you should consider your children because if you’re a single parent, you may want to spend more time with the kids and take care of them by yourself.

Are you a single dad working at home or at office?

What are your thoughts on these topic?

Let me know in the comment box!


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